Worlds Smallest GPS Tracking Chip

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How small do you think GPS tracking devices will get in the next few years? Ra­k­on, a 39-y­e­ar-o­ld N­e­w Ze­alan­d-base­d c­o­mpan­y­, h­as de­ve­lo­pe­d t­h­e­ wo­rld’s smalle­st­ GPS re­c­e­ive­r. C­laime­d t­o­ be­ as t­in­y­ as t­h­e­ s­ize o­f­ a­ ba­by­’s­ f­in­ger­n­a­il­,

T­his tiny GPS r­ecei­v­er­ chi­p i­s sm­all eno­ugh t­o­ b­e f­i­t­t­ed i­nt­o­ dev­i­ces such as wat­ches, cellpho­nes and other devices as small as a jump drive. As GPS b­eco­m­es co­m­m­o­nplace i­n o­ur­ ev­er­yday gadget­s, we can b­e sur­e t­hat­ t­hi­ngs wi­ll get­ a li­t­t­le m­o­r­e i­nt­er­est­i­ng.  Here’s a few uses of this miniature GPS chip that comes to mind, ever loose yur best pen?  Fire up your favorite online tracking program and find it on your co-workers desk.  How about the remote for your TV?  With this GPS chip installed you could tell exactly what couch cushion it was hiding under.

B­r­ent­ R­o­b­i­nso­n, R­ako­n’s M­anagi­ng Di­r­ect­o­r­, also­ m­ent­i­o­ned t­hat­ t­heir new GPS r­ecei­v­er­ chip wi­ll hav­e sensi­t­i­v­i­t­y go­o­d eno­ugh t­o­ pi­ck up weak si­gnals, per­f­ect­ f­o­r­ ur­b­an env­i­r­o­nm­ent­s wi­t­h hi­gh i­nt­er­f­er­ence. Let­’s see ho­w lo­ng b­ef­o­r­e t­hi­s tiny GPS chip get­s plugged i­nt­o­ ev­er­y o­f­ o­ur­ f­av­o­r­i­t­e po­r­t­ab­le gadget­s.

A few limitations of this GPS chip are that it still needs a power source and a GPS antenna.  I’m curious to know how long it will take Garmin, TomTom and other GPS manufacturers to pick up on this and start development of a whole new world of GPS devices.

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123 Responses to “Worlds Smallest GPS Tracking Chip”

  1. Michael Says:

    Mabe someone can help me, I have small kids and want to find GPS system where i can put a chip into there shoe or something and can then track them with a handheld gps devise any clues where i may be able to find that???

  2. David smith Says:

    I have an idea to utilize a tracking chip for hunting and wanted to ask a few question about your product if possible.please email me and let me no if your interested.

  3. Tim Morley Says:

    I would like to speak with someone about a power source. Is it out there for a chip this size. Can I get more information on these chips. I have an idea.

  4. David Says:

    I build high end custom fishing rods.Is it possible to put a chip in them incase of theft,or if they are lost?Would they transmit under water?What would cost be.


  5. jens Says:

    When and if you find a chip please let me no for I have a very expensive classic guitar and was thinking on same lines as your thought


    when it will become comercial..? what is the cost around..?

    Really very nice…

    Manikandan R

  7. Brian Woodley Says:

    Hi There;
    We could use something like this for falconry, tracking birds who get lost instead of the unreliable and course telemetry that is the current standard. I’ve found a 2.6 gram antenna, so I need to know if this chip can work with that, and a small battery to achieve a finished weight of under 10-15 grams. Is this doable with your chip?
    Thanks in advance,
    Brian Woodley,

  8. Elvis Says:

    Can this be sown into material like canvas etc
    is the product available and at what cost and what do you use to track it

  9. Molly Says:

    My daughter is at high risk for child abduction.I’m looking for a chip that can be placed inconspicously on her- watch, bracelet, charm, shoe etc.. to track my daughter’s location during visitations with her father. do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

  10. joey Says:

    can someone tell me if their is a chip thats small enough for a turtle. my little turtle always seems to run away.

  11. craig Says:

    where can i buy the Worlds Smallest GPS Tracking Chip?

  12. paul orofiino Says:

    Can anyone tell me the size and weight of the smallest GPS Tracking Chip with its own power source that calibrates a GPS signal? IF so, where could this Chip be purchased? Thank you.

  13. Webster Ncube Says:

    i would to know where i can buy this devices
    that i can put inside my Tv or Decoders in case
    its stolen please please please…

  14. Rob Says:

    I wonder if it works overseas or just in the US?

  15. percy Says:

    i have some questions on your product if you can get back to me i would love to chat i have some ideas for using your divice just need to know if they’ll work

  16. eric steinmetz Says:

    i have an idea that would make you millions on this tiny tracking device.many bow hunters every year loose deer with bad shots or rain washing out blood trails.i think every hunter that cares about their game would use arrows that would inject this device into their game,allowing for guarenteed use it.please consider this idea. thank you, eric

  17. Scott Says:

    Like alot of protective mothers writing into you for a gps chip small enough to be hidden on a child. I am a grandfather looking for such for my daughter’s daughter incase she is abducted by her father or someone else in todays world. Any suggestions would be very grateful. Thanks!

  18. Jill Says:

    I am interested in this chip so that I can some how attach it to my daughter’s necklace. How much are these chips and is there a power source antenna available yet for these?
    thanks you.

  19. derek palmer Says:

    Hi I would like to develop a small personal tracking device for my child so i always know where she is Is this possible and what do i need? i am happy to pay for a customised item

    many thanks

  20. Brandes Says:

    How much does it cost??

  21. Webster Says:

    Hallo when are you going to start selling the devices coz i need to protect my Home Gadget coz they special to me…

  22. Webster Ncube Says:

    Please can someone just tell me where to buy this exclusive devices such that i may protect my gadgets at home my email;

  23. D.Szady Says:

    We just finished a 3500 mile trip to the Northeast,with our very first GPS system. In no time I felt very comfortable with having my TomTom along. Getting around town to restaurants ,shopping, etc. When I made a wrong turn in congested area, he got me right back on track. I would recommend a TomTom for traveling. The price from Amazon was great also.

  24. Mary Lewis Says:

    I WAS able to obtain the latest map guarantee service from TomTom Home w/out a hitch. Strange that there seemed to be a split on this as well contradictory advice from Tom Tom saying that the “latest map gurantee’ does not apply to refurbs. Well my unit is a refurb and I jusut got finished with the free update successfully. I’m going with an earlier poster who suggested the possibility that had the previous owner of a refurb unit never registered the unit it would be recognized as a new unit by Tom Tom Home and thus recognized as an eligible new unit by TomTom home;conversely had the unit been registered previously the Tom Tom home site would have recognized the unit as aged and therefore not eligible for the upgrade.It would have been not likely that TomTom bothered to check each of the devices serial numbers to block them from the service;such a measure would likely cost more than it was worth. Instead they just pulled the mention of a free amp upgrade from the boxes of the refurbs and maintained the party line that all refurb units are not eligible for the latest map upgrade when in fact many are..
    So the upshot is–at least try to use the latest map guarantee ;chances are probably greater than 50/50 you could do it just going off of the posts replying in this thread.

  25. nathan Says:

    I have a company that has a need for this device. I would be purchasing thousands of them. How do I get more information on this product and cost?

  26. detria c. reed Says:

    I am a police officer in memphis and I have been looking for a small chip that could be marketed as a home electronics locator if stolen for a reasonable price. I was thinking when the item is plugged in again would be the power source and a small antanna could be atached to the rear or under the item.I would love to be apart of that before it hits walmart. I was also thinking that the chip would not have to be as small as this one and would still sell like hot cakes at a reasonable price because that will make it a must have. HAY if it works it would also reduce burglary by 99 percent and make my job a lot easier LOL! email me back i want to know something soon.

  27. Leopold Says:

    I need more info on this product, anyone help?

    For some time now I have search for at micro chip GPS, and this product seems to be what i need.
    Iam a security guard and got some ideas with this product. Quistion…Is it full operationel? Have you found a solution concerning the antenna, and power supply? Is it possible to activate the gps via mobile phone? How long time will power supply hold 1-3 hours??
    Looking forward emailing me back.

  28. Justin Maloney Says:

    Hello all. I am the Marketing Manager at Rakon and this website was brought to my attention recently. The post is not new, actually it is a copy of an article that ran in January of 2006 in the New Zealand Herald.

    The product it refers to is actually a GPS-RF-Front-End-Module (GRM), and not a complete GPS. This was an error made by the reporter who did not understand the technical nature of the product.

    The GRM is a ceramic based module that essentially contains a RF-Down-Converter IC, TCXO, LNA and a few other bits and pieces. It is designed to sit between the analogue part of the GPS circuit (antennae) and the digital part (DSP/processor). IT IS NOT a stand alone GPS that can give you position.

    In order to create a GPS you would also need an antennae, processing engine, software, output interface and power supply. The GRM was designed to make it easier for GPS designers to complete their products. Traditionally the RF portion of the design is the most difficult to complete so we are helping make that easy.

    If this description makes sense to you and you are still interested then feel free to contact our sales department for more information.

    Best regards,

  29. randy Says:

    can you send me some info on this tiny chip and cost?

  30. frank Says:

    wanted to know if the same device can be used on laptops if yes please send me a quote for 100 on the same email address please

  31. Tom Bormes Says:

    I have a special need for the smallest chip available- please comntact and we can discuss- thanks- Tom

  32. Fabiano Says:

    where can i find ore info about this gps?

  33. Diana Says:

    I am interested in the cost of this device, when will it be available and what do you use to track the chip with?

  34. Randy Says:

    How much do these tracking devices cost? Is there an additional cost for tracking software? Please let me know bulk quantity pricing 50,000+ pieces.

  35. Adrian Says:

    Where can i get me one of these chips? If it avaiable today, how much would it cost?

    If someone can answer these questions, please email me… I have lost countless devices. Thanks

  36. Thayne Says:

    How can I get cost and avalibility. Thank you!

  37. will Says:

    Need gps trackong chip for vespa that I have to park on street, is this possible and can it be found if taken thru a website??

  38. kenney Says:

    i’m wondering how much is the cost like everyone else here ???
    plus i have some buisness opertunities we should discuss..
    small firm in denmark

  39. Gina Says:

    hello i am also interested in this device and would like some more info…How much for a good size bulk?

  40. Ralfon Toledo ilho Says:

    Existe possibilidade de montagem de Gps dentro de Laptop para rastreamento contra roubo. Qual as medidas do kit e preco.o mercado no Brasil e bastante promissor.grato e aguardo.

  41. Patriot Says:

    I am intrested in small chips that I can embed in a carwith its own power source that could last

  42. lawanna Says:

    Where can I purchase this item and how much it cost?

  43. carlo Says:

    Hi, where can I buy this product and the cost pls.

  44. manmohan Says:

    hi how can i find this type of devises. i want this chip…… what’s the cost

  45. Deepa Says:

    Hi There.

    I too am interested in price and availability. Are you selling your product yet? I would like some information on your chip. Please get back to me if you can. Thank you.

  46. Ben Says:

    I would like to purchase a few hundred with a location devise if available.

    Thank you,


  47. tom pitura Says:


    can I use this on a cat?

    How do I track it and where can I buy it?

  48. Helle Says:

    I am a teacher at a school. We have just had 6 Mac’s and a Mac Book Pro stolen. If we had this tracking device hidding inside the computers – it would have been great. Where can I get more info, please?

  49. Greg EGWUATU Says:

    I am an England based business man looking to do business with you.
    My intention is mutually beneficial as i seek to distribute your product service in Africa(West)
    I need to know if your gps locators can work in Africa,the unit cost and any other information you can share with me in this introductory stage.Thank you,i will welcome hearing from you

  50. Russ Says:


    I have a use for such a small tracking chip that I need more information and help with before it goes to market. Please contact me. Thanks

  51. Mei Says:

    hi…,i’m interested with this small chip, can u tell me the price and the other function?

  52. Greenfield Technologies Says:

    We are looking for a tracking device small enough in shapes of earrings or wedding/engagement rings. Or can be fitted in as a cloth button and can transmit signal within a range or distance of a minimum of 50km. And also should be simple fashionable.

  53. natasha Says:


    I am a sales of gps track in a factory, if anyone need the info about this item, pls contact me at skype: natasha-137 or

  54. James M Artimez Says:

    At Traxxit Technologies, we have developed and are presently testing the latest GPRS tracking device in the industry.
    Contrary to the products that are on the market today, the Traxxit360 is small (1 1/2 inches x 1 1/4 inches x 1/2 inch). It does not have the look of what we at Traxxit Technologies call a “felon bracelet or collar”. On the contrary, it has the look of a fashion accessory.
    The Traxxit360 tracks to within 10 feet of its location and is completely configurable by the end user remotely, either via a downloadable smart phone application or by accessing the MyTraxxitt software on a laptop or desktop. In the event the user does not have access to a smart phone, laptop or desktop, we have a call in service center (888) IT TRAXX ready to assist.
    The Traxxit360 has the ability to allow the end user to create a non-symmetrical “geo-fence”. This geo-fence could be your yard, parking lot, doggy-park or any location of any size you choose. The “geo-fence” when breached, sends the user/owner a text, email or a phone call alerting to the fact that the Traxxit360 has left its pre-authorized location or geo-fence.
    Since the Traxxit360 is reusable, nothing stops the user/owner from re-attaching it to any other asset they find valuable such as golf clubs, skis, fishing poles, luggage or even their car.
    We will be doing a product launch in the very near future. We hope that it will help reduce, if not eliminate, the heartache that families and individuals go thru when they lose their loved one, beloved pet or valuable asset.

  55. az man Says:

    would like to know price and size and any anntena and batery ideas so i can use it on a prototype i am builing

  56. Steve A Says:

    I work for a small shipping company and would be interested in getting more information on this product. I need information on battery life and power source also.


  57. Ellen Says:

    Is there a GPS tacking chip that can be switched on when stolen so it can be found? How long do the batteries actually last and do you have to have a battery?

  58. Tracie Says:

    my friend sent me some very similar to this a few months ago. as flat as a candy bar wrapper and i don’t know how it works but yes, i can find my husband even when he turns his phone gps off. now that being said its accuracy can be up to 200 feet off so it won’t hand out an apartment number but it will get you close enough to find a missing vehicle, or narrow down a search area for a missing child. they are small enough to hide inside the stitching of wallets, belts, pants, shoes, hats, even split the laminent on a drivers license and then heat it back up to seal it back up (don’t do this to someone else’s d.l. its illegal) and they will never know and honest what adult leaves the house without their i.d. it was explained to me that it works microphone did in the 80s..using antenna, cell towers, satellite(?) no idea cause that is where they lost me in the explaination . not sure how it works or how it keeps a charge but its barely bigger than a single piece of cooked rice and flat enough to fit in a wallet undetected, gets me close enough that i can do the leg work to finish hunting down what i’m tracking so hooray to inventors for the amazing product

  59. alfanso Says:

    Assuming this is a non-assisted receiver+transmitter GPS (i.e. talks directly to a bird), I am interested in the technical specifications, as well as the HW/SW interface of the GPS transmitter (chip), and not the services you offer, such as tracking a dog, etc. This is for a potential addition to another communication device we’re working on. Can your company provide this? If so, please provide contact information. If you have what we need, this could be a potential for a large sale contract. Thanks.

  60. Elton Says:

    I need price and delivery information on the chip and the Antenna.

    I need to know if you work better with any particular software tracking system. Please make a recommendation.

    Elton L. Williams
    P.O. Box 166
    Oak Hall, VA 23416

  61. Stephen Says:

    Why are you people asking the website that reported this chip rather than clicking the provided link to Rakon & asking them?

  62. michael Says:

    I would like to receive more information about this item. Thank U

  63. Natalie Says:

    Mabe someone can help me, I have small kids and want to find GPS system where i can put a chip into there shoe or something and can then track them with a handheld gps devise any clues where i may be able to find that???

  64. Jerry Says:

    Can you send me more product information on the small GPS chip – How much $$$, basic specs and what type of power supply and antenna to integrate with… Do you sell it with a recommended power supply and antenna I could use for prototyping? Is there an application that I can pair the chip to? Thanks.

  65. Calie Says:

    I want to track my animal. is this possible to have this receiver inplanted to a animal?

  66. Carlos Says:

    I would like to use GPS system in small measurement tools (vernier, comparator, drift, etc).
    Could you send me an adress in Argentine in order to contact them?.
    Thank you

  67. James M Artimez Says:

    The Traxxit360 is the smallest Multi-Use Tracking device available.

  68. Ranveer N Kadam Says:

    what’s the price of this chip?

  69. ABDUL Says:

    wooow there is such a small gps? I want to get more information about this product. please give me information on the workings of the price of everything .. thank you

  70. austin Says:

    i would love to purchase some of these chips,if you could tell me the price and were i can buy them thanks

  71. TJ Says:

    I am looking for a chip to insert into my cat’s favorite toy… believe it or not- my cat LOVES this one ball but he keeps losing it- he pushes it under the couch, under the dishwasher, and in places I can’t easily find it… How can I obtain a small chip? Please respond asap- I know it sounds funny… but I am completely serious!

  72. James M Artimez Says:

    I believe that Traxxit Technologies can help anyone interested in tracking assets, people or pets. They have the smallest Multi-Use, Re-Usable GPS tracking device in the world.

  73. jeremy sergeew Says:

    what is the cost per unit? and is there a discount if ordered in bulk. i own a daddy wear and we are looking for a child tracking device both small and discrete.

  74. Jason Wilbertha Says:

    I’am looking for a tracking device the size of a pen tip or maybe slightly larger. The power supply would have to last no less than 48hrs. It wouldn’t need to be a long distance tracker. 2 square miles would suffice.
    Do you believe there will ever be a device in production that will be that small?

    Thank You for your time.

  75. Cindy Says:

    I think something this small would do wonders in helping parents be able to track their kids. A parent’s biggest fear is when their child is lost or kidnapped. Some devices out there are still too big and unpractical. Something this small would be perfect in a necklace, earring, bracelet, or watch. Something that is not easily recognizable by kidnappers and sexual predators to get rid off. This will be a great money generator for you as well as help mankind.

  76. Aivars Says:

    Can anyone tell me the size and weight of the smallest GPS Tracking Chip with its own power source that calibrates a GPS signal? IF so, where could this Chip be purchased? Thank you.

  77. Scott Says:

    I would like information on how to order a large quantity of the worlds smallest tracking chip?

  78. al Says:

    where can I buy this gps tracking device?

  79. arrian Says:

    Hi.. how to buy the smallest gps? How much ? THe size? How does it work? TQ

  80. randy Says:

    can you tell me the size weight and smallest power source and cost tanks

  81. Titus Says:

    I would like if you may tell me were to find shese world smallest chips and at what price… please i need a large quantity of them.

  82. Mo'ana Says:

    Hi There
    I am very interested in knowing more about this product. I have great business ideas, and would like to find out the cost of a bulk order.


  83. samson Says:

    I would like if you may tell me were to find shese world smallest chips and at what price… please i need a large quantity of them.

  84. Shawn Says:

    is this able to be sown or inserted into my wallet , i have lost 2 in the past 2 months. and how much please.

  85. Srinivas Aratikatla Says:

    This is of my business intrest where in the quantity will be very very huge. I want to talk to some one please mail me the contact details ASAP

  86. allan Says:

    iam very exited to to see your invention of the smallest gps tracker ,well its just come at the right time but i can also add few ideas in terms of power source iam very much interested in helping in the development of a self sustanable power source .please let me know when you are going to mass produce because i have multiple ways to apply it to various ways.i currently live in australia and i will be coming to newzealand soon so i will be glad to meet you.

  87. luis a suarez Says:

    can u plaese send the proper info for this website so i can purchase these items thank u

  88. Ernest Mathews Says:

    I am intereated in the worlds smallest chip, and pricing

  89. D Jackson Says:

    I am interested in this small chip and the price. My dad has Alzheimer’s disease and wonders off, thought I could sew it into his clothing.

  90. Mark Gillham Says:

    Hi everyone I see all of you are very interested in these products and have plenty to ask. go to hope it helps.

  91. Peter F. Says:

    I’m keen on more info regarding this smallest GPS chip. Need something which an average user can self-fix into their mobile phone, handbags or even their cars for tracking in event they lose them. Thanks.

  92. Rhodes Says:

    I am an inventor as well as part time magician. I see great potential in this product if linked up to say…a ring with an inconspicuous wire going up the sleeve and a locator. With several of these connected to inconspicuous antenai and power sources, it is possible to make a very sophisticated hand tracking system that would work wonders in a magic show. Also, at present I have set my room up so that I can control it witha custom made app on my iPod. To redirect this to my afore mentioned tracker idea would be a dream come true.

  93. S-J Clift Says:

    Would it be safe use this to track an cat? Does it emit any harmful rays? I want to put it inside my cats collar. Cost and availability would be appreciated. (If I had children I would want them to have one too.) Superb job to make one so small.

  94. Glenn Says:

    Great product. I am in the market for a tracking device to pt into small UHF radios whch are getting stolen from a construction site on a weekly basis. How are these chips powered and what range can they be tracked from.

  95. Jon Says:

    Are these chips for sale? If so can we buy them? How much? We are looking to put in some kind of jewelry for pets and children in the family. Also how can you track this chip and how far away can you track it?

  96. Kristi Says:

    I need a small gps. Something for my children. Like an earring I can put on my kids. Is this possible?

  97. Marc Says:

    I just want to use it to see if my wife is cheating on me. This would be perfect for that purpose.

  98. Randy Says:

    I’m interested in starting a business using this smallest chip. I was recently robbed and do not think the police care. Would love to learn more. Would a business be feasible?

  99. Aaron Says:

    I am very interested in starting a business venture based around this technology. Would you mind sharing the price per unit and the range capabilities, power supply needed…etc?
    Thank you!

  100. varun Says:

    contact me i want to buy it

  101. Sara Says:

    Like so many of the other’s that have left messages here, I am very interested in this technology. Is it available to purchase? If so, the price. I have an idea for this product that would save God know’s how many live’s.
    I would truly appreciate a reply.
    Thank you

  102. Cyndi Says:

    Im doing research on avian movement. I would like to know if you have mounted any of your minute chips onto telemetry transmitters. Im interested in this because i would like to draw up maps of avian movement and look at migratory movement. Also want to look at the GPSing of birds incubating and have the ability to do video footage of this stage of reproduction.

  103. Erica Says:

    Where can I buy one? Has anyone gotten a reply back from the company . Everyone wants to know the million dollar question how much is it. Please reply back

  104. Rob Says:

    I am very interested in starting a business venture based around this technology. Would you mind sharing the price per unit and the range capabilities, power supply needed…etc?
    Thank you!

  105. Kuldeep Sondhi Says:

    Please send me the price list of the smallest GPS tracker. Can I buy online? I am placed in india.

  106. Robert Kinch Says:

    My wife and I have grandchildren we would like to protect by creating some form of jewelry with the smallest GPS chip in it. Can you give us some idea of availability of the chips, price, etc. and what additional equipment would be needed for tracking?

  107. Doug Says:

    My wife recently lost her wallet. What a pain to cancel everything and now worry about identity theft. Who is selling this technology just for such a purpose? At the right price, I believe thousands would buy it.

  108. Gavin Kilborn Says:

    Dear Sir
    I can see that you have a chip on your finger but does it really work & at what cost per chip. I am in the process of starting up a project where I would need several thousand of these is it possible for you to contact me so that I can arrange a face to face meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.

  109. Rachel Armstrong Says:

    I have an idea. How much per chip(kiwi dollars if possable), and what are its maximum capabilities? size/shape flexable? would it be possable to get a custom order if i required it? is it waterproof, if so to what degree.. etc..

  110. Russ Says:

    I have been working on a project for years now and I believe your chip is exactly what I need. The challenge has always been powering of the chip and to maintain a small useable yet durable system. I will need 10 units, Based on that number would you send me the cost and availability.

  111. Jarmo Torkamo Says:

    Dear All !

    Thank you for your excellent solution for trucking.
    I am living in Finland and I am just asking if you have representative already for your chip ?

    I am interesting to be one of your dealer if possible ?

    My kindest regards



  112. cory martin Says:

    I have many idea’s for this product and like everyone else I would like to know how much it cost.

  113. joeseph Says:

    has this product been made even smaller recently.
    thank you

  114. matt Says:

    yes very interested in this chip…would like to know where to get and how much

  115. Fang Says:

    Very interest in the small GPS tracting chip ….
    How much is that cost for the 1000 pieces ?
    What is power supply need and how long they can last? Please give me an example

    thank you

  116. andres buitrago Says:

    i want to know all about the chip because im interesd in buy a lot chips! from sale in my country!! its very important ! thank u

  117. Hasmukh Rathod Says:

    Pls send me more tech. & commercial info.

  118. pat Says:

    Vary interested, what would be the power supply? Give me an example. Who to contact and how much, thank you

  119. Rick Carlisle Says:

    Interest in the GPS tracking chip. Power sources, receivers, software for location, etc. Looking track 100’s of people in a large fenced in area.

  120. David Says:

    I am very interested in finding a chip that I can place in my laptop so I can track it if it gets stolen. Any ideas?

    Thank you so much!!!!

  121. Casper Says:

    Hi sir,

    very interested in yr chip?
    What is power supply need and how long they can last? Please give me an example

    thank you
    Casper Gan

  122. Rod Says:

    I have an idea to make this tracking device in which allows you to locate game that has been wounded by a hunter. I would appreciate if someone would contact me to discuss this idea.

  123. Marcus Says:

    Like so many others im very intrested about your chip, what would the cost be and when will it be possible to buy it?
    Please contact me by email.