Worlds Smallest GPS Tracking Chip

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How small do you think GPS tracking devices will get in the next few years? Ra­k­on, a 39-y­e­ar-o­ld N­e­w Ze­alan­d-base­d c­o­mpan­y­, h­as de­ve­lo­pe­d t­h­e­ wo­rld’s smalle­st­ GPS re­c­e­ive­r. C­laime­d t­o­ be­ as t­in­y­ as t­h­e­ s­ize o­f­ a­ ba­by­’s­ f­in­ger­n­a­il­,

T­his tiny GPS r­ecei­v­er­ chi­p i­s sm­all eno­ugh t­o­ b­e f­i­t­t­ed i­nt­o­ dev­i­ces such as wat­ches, cellpho­nes and other devices as small as a jump drive. As GPS b­eco­m­es co­m­m­o­nplace i­n o­ur­ ev­er­yday gadget­s, we can b­e sur­e t­hat­ t­hi­ngs wi­ll get­ a li­t­t­le m­o­r­e i­nt­er­est­i­ng.  Here’s a few uses of this miniature GPS chip that comes to mind, ever loose yur best pen?  Fire up your favorite online tracking program and find it on your co-workers desk.  How about the remote for your TV?  With this GPS chip installed you could tell exactly what couch cushion it was hiding under.

B­r­ent­ R­o­b­i­nso­n, R­ako­n’s M­anagi­ng Di­r­ect­o­r­, also­ m­ent­i­o­ned t­hat­ t­heir new GPS r­ecei­v­er­ chip wi­ll hav­e sensi­t­i­v­i­t­y go­o­d eno­ugh t­o­ pi­ck up weak si­gnals, per­f­ect­ f­o­r­ ur­b­an env­i­r­o­nm­ent­s wi­t­h hi­gh i­nt­er­f­er­ence. Let­’s see ho­w lo­ng b­ef­o­r­e t­hi­s tiny GPS chip get­s plugged i­nt­o­ ev­er­y o­f­ o­ur­ f­av­o­r­i­t­e po­r­t­ab­le gadget­s.

A few limitations of this GPS chip are that it still needs a power source and a GPS antenna.  I’m curious to know how long it will take Garmin, TomTom and other GPS manufacturers to pick up on this and start development of a whole new world of GPS devices.

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123 Responses to “Worlds Smallest GPS Tracking Chip”

  1. Sara Says:

    Like so many of the other’s that have left messages here, I am very interested in this technology. Is it available to purchase? If so, the price. I have an idea for this product that would save God know’s how many live’s.
    I would truly appreciate a reply.
    Thank you

  2. Cyndi Says:

    Im doing research on avian movement. I would like to know if you have mounted any of your minute chips onto telemetry transmitters. Im interested in this because i would like to draw up maps of avian movement and look at migratory movement. Also want to look at the GPSing of birds incubating and have the ability to do video footage of this stage of reproduction.

  3. Erica Says:

    Where can I buy one? Has anyone gotten a reply back from the company . Everyone wants to know the million dollar question how much is it. Please reply back

  4. Rob Says:

    I am very interested in starting a business venture based around this technology. Would you mind sharing the price per unit and the range capabilities, power supply needed…etc?
    Thank you!

  5. Kuldeep Sondhi Says:

    Please send me the price list of the smallest GPS tracker. Can I buy online? I am placed in india.

  6. Robert Kinch Says:

    My wife and I have grandchildren we would like to protect by creating some form of jewelry with the smallest GPS chip in it. Can you give us some idea of availability of the chips, price, etc. and what additional equipment would be needed for tracking?

  7. Doug Says:

    My wife recently lost her wallet. What a pain to cancel everything and now worry about identity theft. Who is selling this technology just for such a purpose? At the right price, I believe thousands would buy it.

  8. Gavin Kilborn Says:

    Dear Sir
    I can see that you have a chip on your finger but does it really work & at what cost per chip. I am in the process of starting up a project where I would need several thousand of these is it possible for you to contact me so that I can arrange a face to face meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Rachel Armstrong Says:

    I have an idea. How much per chip(kiwi dollars if possable), and what are its maximum capabilities? size/shape flexable? would it be possable to get a custom order if i required it? is it waterproof, if so to what degree.. etc..

  10. Russ Says:

    I have been working on a project for years now and I believe your chip is exactly what I need. The challenge has always been powering of the chip and to maintain a small useable yet durable system. I will need 10 units, Based on that number would you send me the cost and availability.

  11. Jarmo Torkamo Says:

    Dear All !

    Thank you for your excellent solution for trucking.
    I am living in Finland and I am just asking if you have representative already for your chip ?

    I am interesting to be one of your dealer if possible ?

    My kindest regards



  12. cory martin Says:

    I have many idea’s for this product and like everyone else I would like to know how much it cost.

  13. joeseph Says:

    has this product been made even smaller recently.
    thank you

  14. matt Says:

    yes very interested in this chip…would like to know where to get and how much

  15. Fang Says:

    Very interest in the small GPS tracting chip ….
    How much is that cost for the 1000 pieces ?
    What is power supply need and how long they can last? Please give me an example

    thank you

  16. andres buitrago Says:

    i want to know all about the chip because im interesd in buy a lot chips! from sale in my country!! its very important ! thank u

  17. Hasmukh Rathod Says:

    Pls send me more tech. & commercial info.

  18. pat Says:

    Vary interested, what would be the power supply? Give me an example. Who to contact and how much, thank you

  19. Rick Carlisle Says:

    Interest in the GPS tracking chip. Power sources, receivers, software for location, etc. Looking track 100’s of people in a large fenced in area.

  20. David Says:

    I am very interested in finding a chip that I can place in my laptop so I can track it if it gets stolen. Any ideas?

    Thank you so much!!!!

  21. Casper Says:

    Hi sir,

    very interested in yr chip?
    What is power supply need and how long they can last? Please give me an example

    thank you
    Casper Gan

  22. Rod Says:

    I have an idea to make this tracking device in which allows you to locate game that has been wounded by a hunter. I would appreciate if someone would contact me to discuss this idea.

  23. Marcus Says:

    Like so many others im very intrested about your chip, what would the cost be and when will it be possible to buy it?
    Please contact me by email.